Hey Athletes! Wanna up your workouts? Tim is ready to take you to the next level!

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PPT Trainer: Timothy Kennedy

Background: Timothy Kennedy is a personal trainer who believes that training is more about finding and sustaining motivation than it is about exercise. Timothy stresses the achievement of self-motivation as the main contributor to any health and fitness related goal. Timothy's passion for fitness was developed in the weight room where he discovered that the discipline and perseverance needed there is the same needed for success in the tasks of everyday life. Timothy has been a personal trainer for the past 4 years and in that time his focus has been helping people to translate their discipline from everyday life into realistic health and fitness transformation. Timothy designs his training programs to address his clients individual strength, endurance, and flexibility needs.

Philosophy: "Hate the workout, love the results." Hating the workout and yet loving the results has little to do with either emotion. It is however a conscientious belief that the path to results runs directly through the road paved with hard-work. There are no detours!

~ NASM Certified Personal Trainer


  • Advanced volume and resistance training
  • Body-weight training techniques
  • Boot-camp group training
  • Core strength and stability training

    E-mail: dalbrightppt@gmail.com

  • Gym Fitness 101

    The most difficult step each day is to make it to the gym.
  • Think about developing a routine or maybe making plans to meet a friend for a group class.
  • Once you are actually at the gym use your time effectively. Maybe keep notes of what you want to work on & be sure to note your progress.
  • Each day of the week at the gym should be a different workout; switch it up. This is important to keep making progress.
  • Choose days to "go for it" and challenge yourself to the next level.
  • Don't forget your Cardio, at least 20 minutes every session. Some days should be all Cardio. Get that heart PUMPING Baby, boom boom boom....
  • Get a group class into your rotation once a week; Spin or KB or Zumba