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Training with Dennis & Charlotte:
Charlotte asked me to write a short "bio" and to make it personal. Here goes:
I'm 71 and have trained at PPT for about fifteen years - ever since I read a news item that cardiovascular workouts are less important than strength training as one gets older. For many years my main exercise was running - I've done dozens of marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlons. However, it was not until I began strength training with Charlotte and Dennis that I finally realized the truth of that news item. The personal training, the fun classes (especially spinning, boot camp and Zumba) and the improvement in my overall fitness make me look forward to each visit to PPT.
My family also works on fitness - through both diet and exercise (my wife of 46 years, my two children (43 and 39) and all four grandchildren are evil exercisers and are mostly vegetarian). My 9-year old granddaughter recently started with the group "Girls on the Run" ; at a recent race she beat me and proudly texted to my wife "creamed Grandpa".
I still work as a general dentist three days per week and plan to continue as long as I enjoy working. In recent editions of Baltimore Magazine and Washington Consumers' Checkbook Magazine I was the only dentist from Howard County in their "Best Dentists" survey. My son and I have worked together for over 16 years and a lot of our patients have told me privately that he is a lot better than I ever was! He will be inducted into the International College of Dentists this fall based on his service to the community and to the profession.
For vacations my wife and I like active trips. We went to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in January with Overseas Adventure Travel. In May we did a bicycle trip in Spain with Vermont Bicycle Tours. When we travel t places I've never seen I enjoy going out for a run and usually getting a little lost - it's a good way to see the local area and people.
Finally, I just want to thank Dennis, Charlotte and all the other people who come to PPT for making me look forward to each of my visits there. PPT has definitely improved my fitness and enjoyment of life's opportunities."
Eric Katkow - 25 July 2015

Training with Charlotte:
"I started coming to PPT just over six months ago to train with Charlotte Helloff, at the recommendation of a friend. Charlotte immediately put me at ease, closely listened to my personal goals and set a pace that allowed me to see progress without feeling overwhelmed. I am getting stronger, slimmer and more confident as a result.
The gym is convenient and the cost of personal training and the classes are all very affordable. Most of all, the PPT staff always make me feel welcome and my patronage appreciated. I have broadened my workouts to include Zumba, Body Sculpt and Basic Training and plan to also attempt Spin and Core classes. The club also sponsors 5K's and events to help their members of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get healthy and achieve their goals. It's really been a positive and rewarding experience which has earned PPT my sincere endorsement and recommendation."
Loretta - May 2012

Training with Leigh:
I have trained with Leigh twice a week in the early morning hours for about two years. While it is difficult, sometimes, to drag myself into the gym early in the morning, the results make it well worth the effort. I am well past my 40th birthday, but I'm now in better shape than when I was 30 years old. Leigh tailors my workout to my specific needs and pushes me to achieve my goals. She's fun, personable and flexible, but takes my workout sessions seriously. She uses her knowledge of human anatomy and sports training to design each session - and I continue to get stronger and fitter each month. My endurance, balance, and strength have postively affected every part of my life - in and out of the gym. In short, I've become a lean, strong, agile athlete - thanks to Leigh. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.
I also highly recommend the gym. There's no requirement to join the gym or pay gym fees - I pay for only those sessions that I schedule. The gym is small, so there's not a lot of sweaty people grunting on the treadmill next to you. Its really a great experience and all of the trainers at the gym are top-notch.
A Very Satisfied Client - July 2011

Training with Dennis:
"I've tried working out with trainers before, but they weren't the right fit for my health and fitness goals. Over the past year of working out with Dennis, I've seen great improvements in my strength and balance. I've been very pleased with the clear progression of difficulty, not just in the amount of weight lifted, but in the exercises themselves. I've been running for many, many (many) years and Dennis is helping me to stay uninjured and competitive."
Pat Wilkerson - 2011

"The Performance Private Training Gym is wonderful and very friendly! The owner, Dennis, is very kind and supportive of everyone who goes there. I am a competitive figure skater and train there twice a week with Jacqueline, who is an excellent instructor! She has helped me so much with my skating and I can see improvement. I am so grateful that I found this gym and will continue to go there throughout my skating career."
unsigned - 2011

Training with Dennis
"I started training with Dennis approximately 3 years ago. I had become frustrated not reaching any goals that I would set for myself. When I met with Dennis he discussed several areas of training, including my weight training, cardio training and diet. He soon had me weight training with him and paying more attention to my diet. I lost weight and felt better within a couple of weeks.
When my progress stalled, Dennis explained to me that I had to do cardio, on my own. He said something to the effect, "You can't expect results without putting some serious, genuine effort into cardio exercising - on your own - whether it's running, bicycling or just walking. I can't do that for you."
I started doing cardio 2-3 times a week. I saw and felt improvement. Every time I have noticed my progress slowing, I now can examine what I am doing wrong with my cardio efforts (or lack of efforts) and my eating. I now make time to do cardio 5-6 times per week, and I feel better than ever. I take cycling/spinning classes with Dennis, too - and as difficult as you may think it would be to make each class fun and different, Dennis finds a way to do just that - every class.
Dennis has over the past couple of years not just trained me "to pick things up and put them down", but to analyze my actions when I'm out of the gym, so I can better understand what to do and what to report to him so he can help me "fix-it". His training and advice is invaluable. I don't always follow what Dennis has taught me to do, and he lets me know it. No one knows more about training and exercising and explains it better than Dennis.
Thanks, Dennis,"
David - 2011

Training with Charlotte
"I took several months of Boot Camp training with Charlotte Hellhoff. Those classes were so tough, so challenging, and so rewarding. I lost more weight and got into better cardio- condition taking those classes than anything else.
I've also taken kickboxing and Zumba dance classes with Charlotte. After one of her classes, you can't find a dry spot on your shirt!
Charlotte explains everything to you so you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. She explains the real-life benefits of doing the exercises. You learn to appreciate her knowledge and her sincerity in making sure that you achieve the most you can in the time you are exercising with her.
Charlotte is never too busy to talk with you about your nutrition, your daily activities and your training. She not only let's you know that she is always there to help you -- she always does help you."
David - 2011

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