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Okinawa Shorinryu Karate: Sensei Bill Goebel

Traditional KarateLearn this traditional martial art with roots to the very origin of Karate, Okinawa. The emphasis of this martial art is self improvement.  This is a weekly class at the PPT facility in the classroom. 


The Zentokukai exists to preserve and pass on the teachings of Masters Kyan Chotoku and Shimabukuro Zenryo, two of Okinawa'a greatest karate men. It emphasizes traditional techniques and teachings, not only the physical and combative aspects but also the philosophical and spiritual foundations that represent the "do" or "way of life".

This "old style" karate is not for everyone. Rank is not automatic or easily attained. We do not train for tournament competition or to win trophies; rather we strive to understand the original teachings that form the basis for an effective, no nonsense self defense system. 

As a Sensei, my purpose is to help each student realize his or her own potential and to achieve thier maximum capabilities, without regard to age, gender or physical size or strength. 

Recognizing that each individual has unique abilities and limitations, a combination of group activities and individual instruction permits each student to progress at his or her own pace.


Traditional Okinawan Karate places great importance on Kata (forms) and Tanren (discipline training). It aims to  develop and form character through the martial arts. It's philosophy is symbolized in maxims such as "never strike first" and "win without fighting".

Please contact Sensei Bill Goebel via email for more information:


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