Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Let all of that Holiday stress just roll off your shoulders! Get in a good workout and spend extra time with Family & Friends!

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Welcome to our website!

PPT is a group of Professional Fitness Trainers who are passionate about fitness & health. We each live a fitness lifestyle and hope to share our passion with everyone. Our founder, Dennis Albright, is a fitness enthusiast who regularly runs in Marathons, Bikes in long distance Charity rides and is an active member of the Howard County Striders.
If you are looking for a nice gym, at a reasonable price, with an easy going atmosphere - please check us out. We would love to earn your patronage and meet another super cool person.

We offer Personal Fitness Training at competitive prices with 1 big difference from most gyms; Here at PPT there are NO required Membership or "Initiation" Fee's! ~ at all!

YOU Pay Only for the training!
** No catches, no lines, no hassles **

Personal Training
Have you ever tried signing up for Personal Training at a Gym? Here at PPT our Personal Trainers can take the concept of pairing our Clients up with Fitness Professionals for One to One training and focus on the individuals personal goals. The fitness training is targeted to achieve the results safely and effectively. Fitness training with professional guidance is much more effective with the use of the proper exercises and intervals; all done with proper technique to ensure true benefit.
With a PPT Personal Trainer at your side, your time at the Gym will be much more focused and beneficial. You will do the workout properly and build your Healthy Body into it's potential for feeling Excellent every day!

Fitness Classes? YES!



Membership for general training access?
YES ~ you can do that too! Work out on your own schedule & do your thing.

Happy Holidays to You!

Happy Holidays!!
It's time to Mingle & Jingle with Family & Friends!

The Holiday Season can get kinda hectic, try to find some time to get outside and take in the fresh cool air. We are so very lucky to have each of you spending a part of your day with us. Thank You for your patronage and we pledge to keep doing our best to earn your loyalty.

Personal Fitness Training Studio

Looking for a cool place to work out and improve your Health? We hope you check out PPT. Located not far off of Snowden River Parkway on Gerwig Lane, we are easy to get to and you are always welcome to stop by and check us out.
We are primarily a Personal Training studio but we also have group fitness classes and open gym memberships available.

E-mail: dalbrightppt@gmail.com

To all of our Clients

Gym Fitness 101

The most difficult step each day is to make it to the gym.